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Half Painted Wall
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Specializing in Equity-Centered, Arts-Integrated Professional Learning Experiences for Educators Across the P-20 Continuum 

What do we do?

render audible

that which may otherwise be  silenced


marginalized voices

inner voices

student voices


Visual Project

render visible

that which may otherwise remain unexamined





Light Bulb

render possible

that which may otherwise seem beyond reach


educational experiences that support the self-actualization and healing of all learners 

Why arts-integrated?

"I think I want mostly to argue for a centrality of imagination because of its power to enable persons to reach towards alternatives, to reach beyond; and I want to argue for the arts because of the ways in which they open windows in experience, provide moments of freedom and presence, enable us to break with terrible moments of apathy and our ongoing conversations with the young, ardently in the changing and problematic world. "
                                - Maxine Greene in "Imagination and Becoming"

Featured Professional Learning Experiences

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Culturally and Linguistically Relevant, Responsive, and Sustaining Pedagogies (4).png
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