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Professional Learning Experiences

renderED works with you to determine a scope and sequence of professional learning that make sense for your and for your organization.  

All Professional Learning Experiences (In-Person or Virtual) Feature:


Community Building

Sessions begin with opportunities for fellowship and connection. 


Critical Self-Reflection

Participants engage in scaffolded experiences designed to prompt critical self-reflection around dimensions of difference. 


Active Learning Strategies

Sessions feature opportunities to make and share meaning in groupings of different sizes, activities, and formats. 


Sharing of Foundational Knowledge

Foundational knowledge about equity-driven frameworks and practice is provided via multiple modalities. 


Accessible Art-Making

Engagement with accessible art-making practices both individually and in community is utilized as a vehicle for exploration and excavation.


Suggested Reading/Viewing List

Participants are provided with a list of readings and viewings to inspire and support further learning and  action. 

Featured Professional Learning Experiences

Culturally and Linguistically Relevant, Responsive, and Sustaining Pedagogies (4).png
Positive Anti-Racist Identity Development (1).png
EDquity By Design (1).png
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