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What clients are saying about working with renderED

I really enjoyed the pedagogy workshop and felt that Dr. Zuckerman really employed her own teaching rhetoric really well. I found this to be probably the most important and helpful workshop of the day since it really helped to emphasize and highlight the different actions (both in the capacity as a TA and a fellow human being) we can take as a TA to ensure we're putting our students first.

Dr. Zuckerman gave a highly engaging and interactive workshop to our graduate students. The information and resources provided were incredibly helpful, and will facilitate students’ growth as they move forward in their careers and consider their own and other’s identity in the work they do. Thank you to renderED for being incredibly adaptable to our students’ interests and needs. Our best talk of the year!

lt felt very inclusive and free to share thoughts.

It was great! I loved that Kelly Zuckerman modeled good teaching practices in the session and that she planned a range of interactive activities to facilitate a thoughtful conversation.

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