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Culturally and Linguistically Relevant & Sustaining Pedagogies

Recycling in the Classroom
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"A hallmark for me of a culturally relevant teacher is someone who understands that we’re operating in a fundamentally inequitable system — they take that as a given. And that the teacher’s role is not merely to help kids fit into an unfair system, but rather to give them the skills, the knowledge and the dispositions to change the inequity. The idea is not to get more people at the top of an unfair pyramid; the idea is to say the pyramid is the wrong structure. How can we really create a circle, if you will, that includes everybody?"- Gloria Ladson-Billings, teacher educator and scholar, in her interview with the74


This professional learning experience is designed for educators across the PK-16 continuum who are seeking to better meet the needs of their racially, culturally, and linguistically diverse student populations. Drawing upon the theoretical frameworks of culturally relevant, responsive, and sustaining pedagogies, this opportunity for professional learning supports participants in understanding the role that dimensions of difference play in educational settings and how to leverage the rich funds of knowledge and multicultural capital held by students, families, and communities. 

Questions addressed include:
  • What does it mean to be culturally and linguistically relevant, responsive, and sustaining in our work with students?
  • What are strategies to come to know the funds of knowledge held by our students, families, and communities and how can we center them in our curriculum and practice?
  • How do we develop students' cultural competence and critical consciousness as we seek to support their academic achievement?
  • How can we ensure that all students feel seen, heard, and valued in our sites of teaching and learning?
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