Frequently Asked Questions

How long is an average PD experience?

The length of the PD experience is dependent upon your organization's needs and can be tailored to fit a timeline that works for you. This could mean that we plan for a portion of a monthly staff meeting, a half-day slot during a professional development day, or a set of engagements over the course of an academic year.


Given the pace and nature of change, both individually and institutionally, we recommend  partnering over a series of dates, however we understand that this is not always possible. 

Are the PD experiences only offered in-person?

PD experiences can be conducted either in-person or virtually on a teleconferencing platform like Zoom. 

What if my team and I are not exactly "artistic"?

No problem! All PD experiences include accessible artmaking practices that involve no prior arts training. 

Will you tailor the PD experience to my organization's needs?

Yes--our goal is to be maximally responsive in order to be meaningful. In order to do so, prior to booking, we will have a 30- minute free consultation call to discuss your priorities for the work. 

What is the cost of a featured PD experience?

The cost of a PD experience is dependent upon length and setting (e.g. whether travel is involved). After the initial consultation and before booking, we will provide you with a proposal that includes a  scope of work and price. 

How do I book a PD experience with renderED?

Great question! The first step is to reach out either via email @ or through our Contact page. We will then set up a free 30-minute consultation call to discuss your needs and priorities.